EZiMAS Bluetooth Wireless Handsfree Speaker with Woofer - Black



USD $29.99

Brand: EZiMAS

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The EZiMAS Bluetooth Wireless Handsfree Speaker packs powerful, dynamic sound into a small package. Play your music wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device, and enjoy speakerphone integration when the speaker is connected to a smart phone.

Integrated Bluetooth allows you to connect your computer, smart phone, or tablet and play music wirelessly from a range of up to 32'.

The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery is powered through the USB charging port which can be connected to a computer or a wall adapter and can last up to 6 hours of playback on a full charge.

It contains a built-in mic, which allows you to use the speakerphone feature of your smart phone. Use the BT Touch's touch panel to answer and end calls.

Audio playback can be controlled with the multi-function buttons: play/pause, next track, volume up/down. The buttons are displayed atop the Touch's glossy touch panel.

Being wireless, the EZiMAS Bluetooth Wireless Handsfree Speaker is as portable as your phone. Its unique compact design enables easy transport around your home, office, or outside.

Power: 6W
Build-in Sub-woofer
Input Voltage: 5V/0.8-1mA
Dimension: 143 x 73 x 68mm