In Car Cup Holder Mount Cradle for iPad/iPad mini & Tablet PC

In Car Cup Holder Mount Cradle for iPad/iPad mini & Tablet PC


UPC/EAN: 0684758419538
Brand: rice power

USD $16.99
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The Car Cup Holder Mount is a safe and simple way to keep your iPad in place and comfortably in view while you're in the car. This easy-to-use cradle sits securely in your car's cup holder and safely holds your device with no suction or adhesive required. It rotates 360 degrees for viewing in portrait or landscape mode and tilts 90 degrees to position your iPad flat or upright.

The Car Cup Holder Mount features an expandable base that fits any car cup holder so you can use it in any vehicle. And because there's no adhesive backing, you can easily move the mount between vehicles. An opening in the mount's base keeps your iPad's connector from getting tangled so it stays neatly connected to your device.

- Mount holds iPad mini or tablet PC touch using your car's cup holder
- Rotates 360 degrees for landscape or portrait view
- Base expands to fit any cup holder; no suction or adhesive required

Fits Tablet PC's:
Height: Max. 200mm

2021-02-17 00:02:19
萍姐: 您好,請問伸縮鵝桿可延伸長度為多少公分? 感謝您!!!!
rice power: 鵝桿是可扭但不能伸縮的,長度約為18cm。

2017-03-13 20:21:15
Michele Finardi: Buongiorno, questo supporto va bene anche per tablet con dimensioni 24x17 (Samsung)? Grazie Michele
rice power: Hi, it supports max 17cm width tablet PC and place horizontally