NEOPine Shoulder Sling Strap for DSLR Camera QSS-6 - Black

NEOPine Shoulder Sling Strap for DSLR Camera QSS-6 - Black


UPC/EAN: 0711554340121

Brand: NEOPine

USD $23.99
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Designed for outdoor photo shooting job,it can protect your camera Lens when you travelling and when you go for your shot outdoor.

It fits most of the SLR camera on the market. There is a tripod quick-release plate with 1/4” thread for connecting the camera to any device with 1/4” screw.

It features a lightweight design that allows you to draw up your DSLR quickly. It is unlike any other camera strap. When you lift the camera, you do not lift the strap with it. The strap stays around your body and the camera just glides up the railway strap. It's as if there is no strap attached to the camera...until the camera is let down in rest position. With the innovative railway strap, the carabiner glides along the strap to your face as if it were on tracks - with minimal frictional resistance.

Quick Action - The camera hangs over your butt and can be hoisted quickly, safely and ready to shoot. It allows you to intuitively find the grip and the shutter button without losing sight of the subject. This enables you to effortlessly move the camera to your face and capture images that would previously have been lost.

The weight of your camera is evenly distributed for the ultimate in comfort. Shoulder pad includes a zip pocket for your memory cards.

Connection hooks and plates are made entirely of metal for maximum durability.