Samsung Galaxy Watch 不锈钢表面智能手表(46mm 蓝牙版本) SM-R800


Samsung Galaxy Watch 不锈钢表面智能手表(46mm 蓝牙版本) SM-R800


UPC/EAN: 8801643392192
MPN: SM-R800

品牌: Samsung

USD $269.99


1. 内置扬声器,随时接听电话及回覆短讯
2. 持久续航力
3. 50米防水功能及军用级耐用度

Galaxy Watch内置多款具层次感及光影效果的表面设计,迎合你的生活风格。圆形表面、指针光影效果、秒针的滴答声,仿如戴上传统手表。

配备Always On功能,无需按下按钮或转动表圈,即可显示时间。只需将sAMOLED屏幕设定为时刻显示模式,即可随时查看时间。

戴上Galaxy Watch,无论走到那里,音乐都随你同行!透过Spotify离线音乐或储存歌曲至歌曲库,完全无需手机,只需连接无线耳机,即可一边跑步,一边播放音乐。


Galaxy Watch化身私人教练,助你制定日程,让你专注锻炼。当你运动期间,Galaxy Watch能测量你的心跳及自动侦测6种项目,更能因应你的活动,调升至识别超过35种项目。 Galaxy Watch检测你的睡眠质素,并提供详尽记录,包括4个睡眠阶段; 更能监察压力水平,同时引导你调节呼吸,助你舒缓压力。

My Day的介面会归纳并显示未来10小时的行程,让一切一目了然。

Galaxy Watch内置GPS定位功能,让你掌握身处位置及旅途方向;内置海拔测量及气压表,具备5ATM防水级别及军事级的耐用性,让你尽情投入户外活动,无惧恶劣环境。

Galaxy Watch配备Samsung Pay,结帐易如转动手腕。从此,外出毋须再携带手机或银包。

数据传输: 蓝牙
定位技术: GPS,Glonass
Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
NFC: 有
蓝牙版本: v4.2
作业系统: Tizen
屏幕: Super AMOLED
解像度: 360 x 360
颜色深度: 16M
CPU 速度: 1.15GHz
CPU 类型: 双核心
RAM容量: 0.75GB
ROM容量: 4GB
可用记忆体: 1.5GB
感应器: 加速度计, 气压感应器, 陀螺仪, 心跳感测器, 环境光度感应器
体积(长x阔x深): 49x46x13mm
重量: 63g
电量: 472mAh
通知类型: TTS, 震动

2020-03-05 15:00:20
Fred Gironi: Hi, I'm interested in the Samsung Galaxy Watch Bluetooth 46mm - Silver, can you guarantee it is the UK Version. I've had to return one I purchased from another seller that had no English instructions, what seemed to be a Polish greeting when switched on and it didn't have Samsung UK on the back. Regards Fred
rice power: This is European version with English interface included.

2019-12-13 23:27:07
John norman Norman: Is it a uk model.How long is the guarantee Is it a brand new watch Regards jn
rice power: It is EU version. Samsung provides 1year global warranty.

2019-05-26 00:15:13
Andy: What is the exact brand name of this watch? What medical uses does it have? For ex blood pressure? Pulse? Anything else? Thx
rice power: This is Samsung brand. Pulse rate monitor is built-in.

2019-05-25 09:29:15
Shanita: Hi I was wondering if this watch is brand new? Used? Refurbished?
rice power: Our products are all brand new.

2019-05-19 05:54:10
Matt Carter: apart from the watch, what else does it come with, charger etc?????
rice power: Yes, it comes with USB charging dock.

2019-04-20 21:59:02
Steve Berry: Can your Galaxy smart watch make & receive calls without having your phone with you?
rice power: It needs to work with mobile phone when making phone call.

2019-04-12 08:28:29
Sourav Mandal : You can shipping this product to India
rice power: Yes, we ship worldwide including India

2019-04-09 05:10:26
Mark Springett: Is this a UK version?
rice power: Normally, we provide EU version.

2019-02-26 11:15:18
Ricardo: Consigo atender chamadas estando longe do aparelho celular?
rice power: Yes, according to the official web site, it has built-in microphone & speaker so you can answer or make call directly on the watch. But this is bluetooth version, your watch has to be connected with mobile phone first.

2019-02-15 22:00:03
sunil mhatre: product warranty galaxy watch?
rice power: Yes, we provide 6months warranty and Samsung also provide 1 year global warranty.

2019-02-15 21:54:03
Joe : Is this watch the same spec. as the version for sale in Ireland? I need to make sure its compatible with Irish networks and phones.
rice power: It is bluetooth version, not 4G. So it cannot connect 4G network.

2018-11-09 21:01:22
D Datta: Can this product be purchased from India? What about after sales service?
rice power: Yes, we ship worldwide. Manufacturer provides global warranty and we provide 6 months warranty too.