Sony NFC Vibrating SmartBand 2 SWR12 - White


UPC/EAN: 7311271518082

Brand: Sony

USD $65.99
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Keep track of it all. Your heart rate, movements, sleep, even your moments of calm and excitement. Then SmartBand 2 will measure your pulse and stress level, so you can decide if today is a day to take it easy or go for it.

The heart rate monitor constantly takes your pulse, so you can see what makes your heart race or how hard you've pushed during a workout. When SmartBand 2 is in independent mode you can track your activities even if you don’t have your phone with you, so it’s perfect for running.

With an IP68 your SmartBand is protected against both water and fine dust particles. So you can keep it on while you take a shower, run in the rain or dive into the pool.

The SmartBand 2's gentle vibrating alert and optional coloured LEDs let you know when a call or message is coming in on your phone. The LED lights change depending on the notification type, so you get to decide if you should reach for your phone.

- Supports Android 4.4 and onwards or iOS 8.2
- Bluetooth4.0
- Controls: Power on/off, Media remote (tap function)
- Connectors: Standard micro USB for charging
- 3 LED indicators
- Notifications
- Waterproof IP68
- Sensors: Heart rate, Accelerometer
- Battery:
Up to 2 days
Up to 5 days in STAMINA mode with HR measuring turned off
- Weight: 25g