NEOPine Car Qi Wireless Charger Air Vent Mount Holder for Smartphone



Brand: NEOPine

USD $29.99
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The Wireless Dock is a wireless charging car dock for your smartphone. It holds your phone securely. It wirelessly charges your phone without plugging the phone into anything. Most phones compatible with Qi wireless chargers will work on it.

With built-in Qi Standard Wireless Charging, it is an extremely convenient & versatile mounting solution as it is compatible with Qi standard wireless charging smartphones.

Fold out support arms clip into position and have cushioned pads to protect the dash and reduce vibration.

Qi is an interface standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium for inductive electrical power transfer over distances of up to 4 cm (1.6 inches). The Qi system comprises a power transmission pad and a compatible receiver in a portable device. To use the system, the mobile device is placed on top of the power transmission pad, which charges it via resonant inductive coupling.

Input: DC5V 1.5A
Output: DC5V 1000 mA(MAX)

Optional suction cup mount is available here